1 A graphic border will make this I look like a hand-printed lith picture. I downloaded a free border from the internet (see below). Before dropping it onto the image, I need to create some space for it around the picture. Use lmage>Canvas Size to do this. Here, I added roughly 3cm to both the width and height of the canvas.


There are numerous ways of making your own 'sloppy' borders, ranging from scanning in old film to using selections and filters in your image-editing package. For this image I headed to the internet and looked for Photoshop borders. There are a lot of people out there who have already created them and are happy to distribute them for free. This border (called Border_Polaroid_B) was created by Andrea Rascaglia, and can be downloaded from http://andrearusky.deviantart.eom/gallery/#_ browse/resources.

Alternatively, you could try onOne PhotoFrame Pro. This program contains more than 1,200 borders, and the process of adding them to your images is largely automated. Having used an earlier version of the software (then called Kubota Sloppy Borders), I have to say that the results are great, but at US$259 (around £185) the current version isn't cheap. Visit www.kubotaworkshops.com to find out more.

nNext, open the frame file, select it all (Select>AII) and copy it (Edit>Copy). Click on the image window and paste the frame in (Edit>Paste). If the frame doesn't fit, choose Edit>Transform Scale and drag the corners so your picture is framed.

* ^ The finished result is very I fc different from the original colour shot, with a treatment that wouldn't look out of place in a contemporary wedding album. This is proof that a picture that looks 'average' on the back of your camera shouldn't just be deleted - it just needs you to reveal its potential.


1 Normal

Background Q


Curvti 1


2 Cwvt OHpiay Opt torn


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