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Portrait Velvet 310 Inkjet Media

Launcrwd oActfy al I tx>toWna 2008. a now paper to add tc our oxlonsvo Sne up Is (Portrait Wvet 310 Portrait \A>Vat is 100% rag mate** and ia made w«h It» purest coflon intois. wftfcfi offer the highest atehtoei performance lis smcotfi surface 'cxturo croatod througn 11« comrwiao process of enhanced calendaring and an mpiovod mkjot coatino, w* «fiance any ino an reproducSon I ho m-Jil-layer coating qivos an extreme»/ high U Max «increased colour gamut Avaia«« m M, A3. A3*. Ay cut sheets. and m*s am avartabl« tfi m fin*

Continuous Ink Flow for Epson 2880

With a patented spenge-tess irjedor system to ensure ncreased longevit/ d the u.storruws phnt tjyntam, we on» conlldflnt Itm In ttw best product m Die mnrkirtptoce lor liraduclng high quality :/Ktfograpfilr. results with ccmRlsiflnt operation Al systems are suppled with i??iml nk wtti thH system and vw enrxHxage <»i poiertvi customers :o ch«cfc If our competitors are ollorng this mjch IrK We also after a two yeai pjarantee on ttie system oomponenis wth free CC rVnfies & follow up advice fmm our UK oftce


A super handy nrw oncefwyy tc •ceeo your oapef rdls tidy arxi safe Simpte and sti/dy and available in a range of si»3

Parachute RIP

OrtcwBy .nm-hed ai Focus ?t>09. min r*>w software wo s&ow wrge quantities of •mag« to be printed accurately. and wti maximise paper usage by nesting' Images

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