Pop Photo June 2009

3. No fun today: The discomfort of 4-year-old Dionis Lindsay in bed with a cold was recorded by Look photographer James Hansen using a Nikon SP and Kodak Tri-X film. The picture ran in an article on picture stories that showed how a common event could provide the basis for an interesting and accessible photo essay. 4. Square failure: An example of a camera that made little marketing sense was this Revere Eye-Matic, a fully automatic ugly duckling that used 127 roll film to produce 12 4x4cm pictures. It had a single shutter speed-1/80 sec—and a 58mm Wollensak f/2.8 lens. The camera was probably inspired by the success of 4x4 reflex cameras and of Super Slides. The price? An unrealistically expensive $139.50, plus $12.50 for a case. O

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