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"Using Lensbaby lenses, I can capture the emotive image I have in my mind, but can rarely translate to the camera." — Kevin Kubota photo by kevin kubota | see more of kevin's tensbàby portraits at lensbaby-corn/kevinkubota

Black Light


Ways to control reflections when the subject is glass


For maximum control of reflections in the glassware he was photographing, Tom Fritsch set up two Speedotron 2403CX packs (A) and 102 Black Line strobe heads (B) to reflect off the white seamless background (C) and backlight his set. He fired them with Quantum Radio Slaves. For precise light pattern placement, he added 10-degree grid spots to the heads. He controlled reflected light and added subtractive fill with two black cards (D) placed beside the glassware. A sheet of glass under the subject (E) created the tabletop reflection. Fritsch shot with a Hasseiblad 553 ELX (F), 54M Sinarback digital back, and Hasseiblad 80mm f/2.8 Planar lens, all tethered to a 17-inch MacBook Pro (G). He supported the camera with a Gitzo Traveler tripod (H).



Slave 41

flash trigger kit

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