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How To Start A T-Shirt Company

If you're an aspiring fashion designer and want to start making your own clothes, you don't have to start a multi-million dollar company! You don't need to spend thousands of dollars in start-up capital or attract huge investors; you can start the company from your own personal computer at home! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about The fashion world can be cutthroat and hard to break in to; but this guide teaches you how to get in the back door and start making your OWN way in the fashion world. You don't need to know anything about business to start! You will learn how to create your own designs, how to sell the designs, how to copyright your work, and how to get noticed by even higher-up people in the industry. Start making money off of your work in fashion today! Read more here...

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It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Some Buyers Will Some Buyers Will Not

For Emerging Fashion Designers, Students, Brands & Individuals, This Vital E-guide, Written By An Industry Expert With 27 Yrs Experience, Explains How The Real Fashion Business Operates. This e-book contains subject matter such as: The Type of mail out I personally send to buyers. Follow the exact same strategies to take orders as the pro's do. How to ensure you take great order's pretty much everytime. Why not to email buyers initially! The easiest way to get appointments. Why never to call on Monday mornings! Why in- house PR works. How to ensure you get paid on time! What exhibitions to do. what trade journals to associate with and why. Why do you need return & credit notes. Why issue delivery notes with invoices. What are costing sheets & why they are vital. What are cutting dockets & why you must issue them. What information must appear on your invoices. How to avoid late payment. How to ensure your website does not conflict with your stockists. Why some labels succeed where others fail. Fully legalized & certified UK terms & conditions. Trade reference form. Costing sheet template. Top tips & Tricks. Over 650 full & current contact UK Boutique buyer details. Mens & womens.

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Olympus Evolt E500 Dslr

Camera company knows that better than Olympus-official sponsor of Manhattan's Fashion Week. The fickle fashion industry may have influenced the company's decision to shelve the flat-top design of the Evolt E-300 ( 620 street, body only, reviewed November 2004) and dress its replacement, the new Evolt E-500 DSLR ( 699 street, body only) more traditionally. Instead of the side-swivel porro mirror system that helped create the Evolt's signature profile, the E-500 returns to the flip-up mirror and the familiar prism-box hump found on most other SLRs and DSLRs. It also has a more centered optical viewfinder, and a normal pop-up flash and hot-shoe arrangement. But can this new camera compete in a category that already has its share of supermodels

The Art of Reinvention

Most photographers, even though they are typically associated with one genre of photography, are usually very good at two or three. About this time, I was experiencing a complete burnout on the fashion industry. I was tired of shooting editorial campaigns for art and clothing catalogs for money. I needed change. My agent at the time was all in favor of supporting me in my reinvention as location shooter dude.


I first became interested in portraiture photography while I was learning the ropes of graphic design. I began saving and finally invested in a Canon EOS 400D to mainly focus on portraiture. Upon gaining experience, I registered with a modelling website with a view to getting into fashion photography. Since last August when I joined, I have grown fond of using prime lenses on shoots, from the 35mm, 50mm and just recently the 85mm. I like depth of field in my work and these lenses help achieve this desired effect. Given my short time in the fashion industry, like many other photographers I like to expand my boundaries and take my photography that extra step further.

Inspirational Stuff

Annechira's contribution to the fashion industry has been overwhelming. This is because he was instrumental in showcasing the creativity of fashion designers, both online fashion as well as in the print medium. In fact, he has brought into limelight many of talented youngsters and some of them have even gone on to become established models in their own right.

Plus Size Images

In the fashion business, a model who wears size 10, 12, 14, and up is termed a plus-size model. The highest-paid plus-size models are normally sizes 12, 14, or 16. When working with plus-size models, there are two ways to approach the session. The first approach is to use every technique in the book to visually slim the model. This could include exaggerated posing and specialized lighting usually high-contrast lighting from the side to leave a portion of the body in shadow. Reducing the separation between the subject and the background can also produce a slimming effect.

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