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A dense filter, ( 1 giving three stop» decrease in light 1 intensity. This can \ be used for very 1 bright situations 1® or for cotton V. ^^

wool-like water. V .

This extremely ^^

dense f I Iter gives f four stops i reduction to I create extremely V^ long shutter ^^^^^ ^^^^ speeds, ideal for severe blurring or light trails. Other extreme filters are available up to 13 stops in some cases.



Threaded filters can be left on the front of yuui lens even when in your bag; however, square filters are quicker to swap over and combine.

extreme poiarising v

Polarising filters can also reduce light intensity, and by combining two, can provide upwards of 4 stops light decrease. /

doht over filter *

Slowing water down or adding a slight blur can enhance a scene but taking it too far can lose the realism of the image.


Filters can be stacked but be careful with wideangle lenses. As the filters extend out they can impair the field of view, causing vignetting.

ABOVE: Slowing down the shutter speed using ND filters can have a huge effect on running watEl Above you can see the difference between our straight shot and one taken with a 1.2ND filtetThe water becomes a soft blur, almost like cotton wool.

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