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Arctic Butterfly pro-1 Digital

Anti-static Sensor Brushes

S L724 Bright with Light np £8999 sAVf (10 £79.99

SD800 Pro Kit rrp £119.99 SAVE t»___________________„ 5B9.99

SL724 Bright with Sensor Loupe x5 _ £129.99

Circular Polarizer

Digital cameras need mult coated filters. Their CCD of CMOS sensors are highly susceptible to reflections - this stray light - -can ruin your photographs! Don't risk ^^^^^^^

your valuable pholos by using bare-glass filters

52mm HOYA Pro-1 cimiiar Matm rrp fBÍ 99 SAVl C4S -


55mm HOYA Pro-1 Circular Rolara» rrp £88,99 SAVI £49


58mm HOYA Pro-1 Crcular Potara* ITp £94,99 SAVE £51 „..,.


62mm HOYA Pro-1 circular Pola™

rrp £105 » SAVI £59


67mm HOYA Pro-1 Circular Potorro rrp £115.99 SAVE M


72mm HOYA Pro-1 Circular Polaruw np £141.99 «AVE £U


77mm HOYA Pro-1 Circular Polar«« rrp £16499 SAVE £r<J


82mm HOYA Pro-1 circular KHanref np £188.99 Í.AVE £107


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14 WELLS STREET (just off Oxford St), LONDON WIT 3PB

t 0207 636 5005 e high chelmer shopping ctr CHELMSFORD CM1 1XB r 01245 2SS510


E .& 0 E Goods and delivery services subject to stock availability Prices subject to change. All prices Include VAT® 15%. Pktaies are 1« iUustratioi purposes cnlf.

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