) "ihe face of photoijaphv by pursuing one simple idea: create a'csmera -3S eas le guru Ycshihlljg Maitam, -he utyrnpus Pen iriuyered a camera öoonri that^oui.

comes alwe again .n digna1 formwith the release of the E-P1. This first gri a rime when mirrors are no icriger'a necessa-y component for digital camerj and e^e of rise are a nod to the Pel's past. However, D-SL.R qualty acid s Olympus »■■rK/vawe'technologies reiiragine the future. Now eueryor&etfn t sfotmen^T

rne;&i insh - available in Silver or White tnish Live MOS sensor 4 EV steps efficiency DIGITAL &0M lenses ■rccessor ose and carry as a pen. lai ■ ro :: I - fiiiO ärthe ig Ot/mpHHEn) Four mtercharigeable tenses a host cf new features faciei have the best ■.;! ;>cth worlds:

Plymouth 10 Frankfort Gate Tel: 01752 664894 Portsmouth Cascades Centre Tel: 023 92839533 Reading 7 Station Road Tel: 0118 9592149 Salisbury 6 Queen Street Tel: 01722 335436

Southampton 10 High Street Tel: 023 8022 1597

Southampton 11 Civic Centre Road

GUI for easiest ion of commoi fcrtrait e-p1 a & m, e-p1 15'lver! m.zui igital ed 1

Creativity & HD Movie

HD Mcweewith stereo sound featuri

Filters £13

Art .fillers, Multi-Aspefct ratios, Multi Exposuie function Art Fifths can be applied to previously taken RAW images in the camera .and with Olympus software i"nhan;-.»i creativity wiiivspeaa1! lensesi.g. isheye is available the Four thirds Ions adacter ■

IKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm 1:3 5-5 6

DIGITAL 17/nm 1 2 8 Pancake, and VFf 1 Optica! ViewfJide-.

Tel: 023 8033 1720

Taunton 6 North Street Tel: 01823 259955

Winchester 15 The Square Tel: 01962 866203 Worcester 8 Pump Street Ifel: 01905 22314

Most branches open 9am-5.30pm Mori-Sat, Please check your local store "for availability beiom making a special |oumey.

■." Mail Older Nexl day delivery available from all LCE branches. Postage & Insurance C7 for most items.

wi HI SB S

E. & O. E. Prices quoted include VAT Priofts Rufojfiot to change.

All Goods subject to availability

OM adapter MF-2


Stylish design with m. Control settings directly fir< Compact with a welgl r

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