I40mm Lens

This rather impressive piece of glass offers full superzoom potential with an equivalent of 28-280mm in 35mm te'ms, and provides silent foiuslngfor the movie, and Mega 015 image stabilisation

The ISO range produces usable images at all levels, though the range itself does seem a little limited among its peers, with most at least offering an ISO 6400. if not higher. It does offer a huge range of values throughout the range though - something that presumably benefits the Intelligent ISO and Auto ISO systems. Noise appears quite early in the range but results at ISO 800 and even 1600 are still very usable.

The highest setting thave very obvious H I IdffSSfci fa noise throughout,

"J?, but, especially in the vS " ■ . iJPEG, this doesn't

^ degrade image colouring, and can still be used for effect or necessity.

COMPARISON^ Both the JPEG and Raw images hold tip very well to close scrunity. However, at the close crop of 300 x 300pixels above, the added crispness and i light increase in detail is visible in the Ram file. "¡Tie Raw also benefits from a corrected white balance, which removes the purple tinge to the image.

This tricky subject, a stand at the Graduate Fashion Week show at Earl's Court, caused the suto white balance system some problems. Lumix 14-140mm f/4-5.8, 18, WSOsec. ISO 800. AWB

EXPOSURE In this high-contrast scene, with its bright sky and shadows under

I the bridge, some of the highlights have been lost to maintain general exposure. Lumix 14-140mm f/4-5.8, f/11, '/125sec, ISO 200, AWB

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