Gitzo Heads

G1377Mseries 3 centre ball .(HI,«

G2130 series 1 fluid S144.99

G227IM series 2 magnesium 3D £171 AS

G2272M series 2 magnesium low profile 3D £189,95

GH1 780 centre ball £114,95

GHI750GR ser 2 off centre ball tjuiclc rel . .£155.95

GH2780QR centre boll qoid< release 019.95

GH53S0SQR systematic hycraulic boll ... . ÍBS9.95

Blflingham 07 Series

Made f om FibreNyte canvas, a 21st century synthetic alternative for traditional canvas which allows bags to be made lougltei arid lighter. ProvictJü much improved abrasion resistance and suppleness. In addition, its waterproofing performance is greatly enhanced because il is bonded to a polyester lining using BiHtngham Storm Block butyl rubber.

Billinchcim 107 SAVE £30! £199.95 Billingharm 207 SAVE £33! £216.9$ Billincham 307 SAVE £36! £233.95

Lowe pro Vertex AW Series

Rugged, construction with water-resistant rippers and a scant-sealed AW cover protect: gear while providing photographers with a bag that conforms to a variety of body types witn an adjustable harness system.

Vertex lilOAW SAVE £48! £75.00 Vertex 200AW SAVE £51! £109.97 Vertex 300AW SAVE £581 £ 134.97

W^Loweprc Mini trekker AW

^^^EMThis lightweigN, compact bcickpod holds o iTBSjni surprising amount of gear in a small Vttjl^^Hfc space Theres o quick-release integrated

Ii ifjud I luldcr, ulluk.1 In icril iuupS fui optional SlipLock accessories, compression straps and lots of Dockets including a large front pocket with a weather flap and quick-access front pocket. The harness features wide, podded shoulder straps ard a sternum slrap.

Mini trekker AW Green only £49,95

Kata HB-207 Hiker Backpack

Inside lie HB-207, Kata's 'Ydloop" materia" is soft cn your delicale gear, and yellow in colour, making il easy to find small accessories inlaw light. The deep main compartments are set up wilh Kata's "Modi-Verse" modular dividers. If you wont to further customise your backpac p*trn nrp nvnilnhlp Wil hold up to 2-3x DSLR bodies, uptoSx lenses a flash and lots of accessaries.

X-Rite Color Munki Special

Color Munki Pholo is the essential all-in-one colacr control solution far photographers, combining speed, accuracy and a uniquely sirnptfied approach in a convenient portable package. ColorMunki Photo is the first solutioi in its price range Ihat aclually readsspedrol data rather than purely emulating it, offering accurate monitor-to-prirt matching, easy yet advanced monitor profiling and super-fasl RGB and CMYK printer profiling.

GWHITE oayi^i syi^n Pftti - wrxlb GS4II

Coforvision Spyder 2 Express!

Providing quick £h accural- Mionilor cdlphmtion. itt gi'-^yoir precise cind leciislic on-screen c-Jour. | lrue-to-1'ft Nest, lanes pluj flawless sticrdow detail Clod highiights in ¡^st three steps,

ALSO avamabie ..

Spydsr 2 Pro . . . .E9B.95 Spjder 3 Mm . . £»4.95 Spydsr 3 Elite ..£139.70 Spyder 3 Studio £354.90

llford Inkjet Popers tonoom CEARL i SirtDCflH otoss offers one of Ihe be^l combinotions of convenience and aualily available. M 25Pk £8.95 A4 PklOO «26.95 6x4 IOOPk£liM 5i7 100Pktl?,»S A3 2iPk S20.9S A3+ 25Pk £25.95 A3 2SPk ¡Smoosh Pearl only) 647,95 Pearl by/ and Gloss 6kJ olso available in parks of 30 sheels

Present I his voucher in-store Isarry " not valid with moil order) and receive t!) o'l your purchase (rmnimuiVi order value £651. Qnfyone voucher per order. Voucher hot no monetary value and is vol Id I iH 31/05/2009

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