The E-450 Is Olympus's 13th DSLR in its Four Thirds system, with its specification closely following that of "he previous F-470 model. There are only a handful of differences between the two, chief among which concern the processor, the LCD screen and the addition cf Art Filters functionality.

I he processor is perhaps the most significant of the three, being the same TruePic III+ engine seen in the recent E-30 and E-620 models. Olympus claims that this facilitates 'true-:o-llfe image reproduction while reducing noise and enhancing processing speed', and It works together wltn the 10MP LIveMOS sensor to produce Images In both Raw and JPEG formats. While the 3.5fps frame rate of the E-420 has remained the same, the camera can now shoot eight images in a single burst without dropping this pace, in comparison to the E-420's six.

The 2.7in HyperCrystal II LCD screen has also been made brighter to match the performance of Its more expensive E-620 and E-30 siblings, it beasts a 1763 viewing angle, and is said to maintain sharpness and contrast even when viewed In harsh sunlight. Its size falls a little short

EXPOSURE Such a scene can easily fool a camera's metering system into overexposing, but the E-450 seems to have got it pretty much spot on. Zuiko 25mm f/2.8, i/125sec, f/2.8ยก50 400, AWB, Evaluative metering

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