Smart. Sharp. S Imply Brilliant

Digital SLR

Tie KCCC12MP 0SLR Came-a e»jands cessio I Oesfcr fh:lo arc! HD UdflOcreatMlyMth D-Mcrá mode Vsr-Angle LCO ktento* & 19 Anto-naóc Sore Vedes t also inœrçxrates a ccrnprehensftï set d in-cawa ecitng featj-es to ir3te tve ircst of captj-ed rrages without he need cf a carpule'. Nikon, Inc. limited warranty included 2039 Nikon Inc.

Engineered for Artistry

The WO s the »odd's fi-st dglal SLR camera wth a rait shccti-g funcDon Ifial delve's geunetv cneraafc 'esjts. enhanced by ihe ceatvey si3lw depih d fied r«3e possible by he DX-lymal sensor This is Wrier *efned by Ihe oficd qually and broad seiecJico cf N KKOR enses • the sai>e enses 'eied upon by prcfeioia ffxtojaovrs he »odd aver Nkon, he. Imted »arrarly ncuded 2CCS Nftofl Inc

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