Photo and quote by Mike Biabac

"THIS PHOTO IS from my new book. It's of my friend Brad Staba in San Francisco in 1996, grinding a ledge behind a bus bench. We were just skating around at night like we always did—I was a photographer for Transworld Skateboarding at the time. I thought it would be cool shooting a photo through the glass on a bus bench, and all of the graffiti.

"I put my Nikon F5 with a 16mm fisheye on a tripod and exposed 4 seconds at f/8 on Fujichrome Velvia [ISO 50], pushed V/z stops. The main obstacle was a reflection on the glass, so I had my friend Mark, who acted as my lightstand, take a few steps and hold the flash at different angles between each exposure.

"Now, as photographer for DC Shoes, I'm more 'polished' and use a Hasselblad digital camera and studio lights. But I still skate around at night with my friends—14 years later." ®

When Mpix prints my images, I know they will look their best! The quality is out of this world, and I still haven't figured out how they get my orders to me so quickly. It's beautiful magic!


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