This Printer Is Designed To Appeal

to two kinds of photographers-those who want quick, computer-free 4x6- and 8x10-inch prints from memory cards and those who like to spend hours retouching, enhancing, and enlarging their best images.

In its favor, the Photosmart 8750 produces beautiful borderless prints up to 13x19 inches, has a straight paper path in the rear for thicker media and can be hooked up to a computer network without an adapter. The LCD also shows you ink levels and lets you select images (by number only) and print sizes from CF (Type I & II), Microdrive, MS, MMC, SD, and xD-Picture cards. And HP's Printzone software bundle includes stitching and web conversion software, plus va poster-print utility.

Color prints from the 8750 look great, especially when using the supplied printer profiles and the Tri-color, Blue Photo, and-Gray Photo ink cartridges (the best set for color and neutral b&w printing). It also does a great job of producing neutral or toned b&w prints, whether it receives a

If you don't plan to network the 8750, you won't be happy with its sluggish USB 1.1 connector, which contributes to the slow print speed (13 min for a borderless 13x19-inch print) and mediocre card-reading speed.

You might also be dismayed by its front-loading tray, which takes more time to bend media around to the print head and is noisier than the gravity-feed systems on the Canon and Epson. Also, this is the only printer in its class that still requires a external power supply.

All three of its ink cartridges contain multiple inks (for a total of up to nine used at one time), and its prints require some drying time before they're ready for handling. There are also fewer fine-art or photo papers available from HP, but with a bit of color and contrast tweaking, the 8750 should work with a variety of third-party inkjet papers.

Nonetheless, this is a high-quality photo printer that can stand on its own, perform well as part of a network, or be tethered to your favorite workstation. ©

HP's Photosmart 8250 RUNNER UP

($199 street, reviewed October 2005)

($199 street, reviewed October 2005)

If you just want beautiful and long-lasting borderless prints up to 8.5x22 inches, it's hard to beat HP's Photosmart 8250. Unlike the 8750, it's one of the fastest printers in its class, popping Out borderless 4x6S On HP'S Advanced Photo Paper is just 7 min 7 sec. The two features this model has that would be great on the larger format 8750 are a 2.5-inch color monitor and the individual ink cartridges,

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By Dan Richards/Photos by Rico Poon


By Dan Richards/Photos by Rico Poon

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