Lightroom is an allinone organisational and editing tool Its expensive but those who take hundreds of shots will love it

Despite the Photoshop name in the title, Lightroom is a totally separate application to Adobe's flagship image-editing software. The difference is instantly noticeable: where Photoshop is an editor designed to make small, per-pixel changes to your images, Lightroom is all about the big picture.

Lightroom is a one-stop shop for all things digital photography.

The program is split into five modules: Library, Develop, Slideshow. Print and Web. Library and Develop are where you'll spend most of your time. As the name implies, Library allows you to organise your shots. You can organise by date, folder, keyword or camera metadata such as focal length. It also supports multiple hard disks, and allows you to tag your pictures en masse as they're imported. Because you can import pictures straight from your camera, you don't need to worry about manually creating folders in Windows.

The Develop module is where all the hard image-editing work is done. All the usual image-editing tools are there, and the latest version adds gradient masks to add punch to your landscape shots. There's also a very fast red-eye removal tool and an even better dust-removal tool. It's extremely intuitive and it's possible to go from a mediocre-looking shot to a great one in just a few minutes, and certainly faster than if you were to attempt the same in Photoshop. The problem with Lightroom is price: at more than £200 it's more expensive than Elements 8, although it provides better workflow management.

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