1225 X 525g



PROS Quick AT. new in Button, norse control improvement CONS Handling, anti-dust not always effective

PROSFeatures. easytocany. dustreductm. value to money CONS Handling, highlight control. sbwAF system

PROS Value, compact six. prompt AF. tone, image detail CONSAFB/seH-timer. noisy AF with hit lens

The 4200is capable of lovely images, operates quickly and handles noise far better than its predecessor andal QMjjgj^

at a great price, too

Packs a tot of features into a tiny body and is capable ot great images. Handling is a bit awkward, but tor the ^WWDertaJ money it gives you VqlllCffl everything you need

Entry-level ottering with a feature set that closely resembles the K2000S. Shake reduction, dost removal and a 3.51ps emCMbl burst mode all teature. CdV11cl3 but there's no live view

GN Stt 126x

12 S0HC 94* ISO 64mm

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