Winter Scene

Y J Robin It Evans

' , From: Shropshire

W ยป.This photo is a favourite of mine for two reasons: the composition and the fact that it records an unusual weather event. The last time we had snow so early in the winter was 1934, hence the lovely autumn leaves on the trees. However, there is some rather awful edge fringing. Is there anything you can do to improve this, please?


What about the winter of 1963? I am just about old enough to remember my family being snowed in with the extreme winter weather that year. In any case you are right that for most of us living in the UK, this type of weather doesn't occur that often and it's a shame not to make the most of the photo opportunities this presents. In this image there is indeed some edge fringing. I'd say this has been caused by the inability of the lens you were using to focus the different wavelengths of the visual spectrum evenly. What's unusual here is that the lens distortion wasn't completely even in all four

Alternatively, you can simply duplicate the Background layer and filter that. Here, I tweaked the Chromatic Aberration sliders to reduce the red/cyan fringing and this got rid of the worst aspects of the lens fringing.

corners. In Photoshop I went to Filter > Distort and chose Lens Distort. In this instance I converted the Background layer to a Smart Object layer first so I could edit the filter layer mask and apply the lens correction selectively.

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