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'Tyred' of the usual camera pouches? Then this is a Goodyear for you because there's a new range of cases made from (yes, you guessed it) recycled tyres. Or rather the inner tubes. Don't laugh - these tough little blighters may smell like new wellies but they're acid resistant (useful!) and are able to withstand temperatures of up to 110°C (you'd be dead, but your camera would be saved). What's more, you won't get black fingers from handling them.

The rubber comes from Latin American truck tyres. My sample case, apparently, came from a banana lorry driven 672 miles by Juan Matus. There's even a map of his journey on the packaging. Yeah, right.

Tread, the aptly named brand behind this range of cases for phones, iPods, laptops and, of course cameras, makes much of its environmental cred, and its benevolence towards its workers in its factory in Columbia.

The medium Campouch reviewed here is certainly ideal for your average Canon IXUS type compact. It's lined with soft fabric, padded, and there's a belt loop on the back too. The cases are hand made to a very high standard and look very nice but, as with many other 'socially responsible' products, there's a high price to pay - £23 in the case of this little pouch. For me, that's a touch too expensive. na

LIKES Attractive, well made, tough, environmentally and socially sound DISLIKES Expensive, no larger cases for superzoom or DSLR cameras



E Photographers are known for often being averse to being caught in front of the camera themselves, which is one reason why books comprising portraits of photographers are fairly rare. But Gerard Rancinan has not only produced such a tome he has managed to persuade some of the world's most famous and successful photographers to participate. I'm talking the likes of Leibowitz, Salgado, LaChapelle, lindberg, Toscani, Parr, Rankin and Demarchelier, along with a few lesser-known names.

Rana'nan's pictures are excellent, with a good mix of studio and environmental shots, dose-ups and wide views, colour and black & white shots. Many are amusing, a few contain clever references for the knowing, and in most cases the subjects look like they're having fun.

To add an extra dimension to Rancinan's full-page portraits, the subjects added their own pictures - mostly self-portraits too, and

DAVID AND CHARLES 978-0-7153-2936-8

The variables involved in landscape photography, such as the almost infinite combinations of light, weather, focal point, season and so forth, mean that it can be one of the most difficult fields of photography to master.

In The Digital SLR Expert -Landscapes, publisher David and Charles has brought together not one, but five masters of the art of landscape photography and picked their brains on what makes the perfect landscape photograph.

These experts range from Darwin Wiggett and David Noton, both recently featured on the pages of WDC, through to Tom Mackie, William Neill and Tony Worobiec They take turns in sharing valuable advice, such as David Noton's tips on mastering light and Darwin Wiggett discussing the perfect exposure.

Each chapter contains ample clear and direct advice, leaving the reader with a feeling of enablement and inspiration to go out and shoot the very next scenic vista they see, while all five combined are enough to fill three books over, making Landscapes... an essential purchase to any aspiring landscape photographer. 93% PN

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