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For office us« only Originator's Reference - 764 221

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TWs offer rsorty avatede for UK sitscnters. Ptease allow uptostx weeks 'or del'.ery ofyowfrst subscrp-jDn issue. The free gftbimtod and suttcct to avalatirty and wi be defeuered separately within 28 cays after your firs: payment is received, h the event that you cancel yoir subscription withn 12 mcn'Jii, w<e w* refund you the value of the urxJelr.-erec portion cf your subscrqoon but PC reserve the right, in our absdute ctecretcn, to cteduct the value of your free gft from m/ arrount refunded Free 9ft not avateWe to overseas subscrfcers. The offer doses 3b: Jdy 20W. S>Asoiption prces include postage and packopng. K What Cigral Camera changes frequency per arnurr\ we wil hoo^ur the number of esues pad fcr. not :he term of the subseripion Fcr enquires ptease cal +4!» (0)845123 EH'ax 144 (0)84567590 [email protected] IPC who ixjttsh Why. Dt^l Carrera wodd Bee to send messages to yotr rroble with offers from carefrity selected organisations arxj trarxis, promoting and research«*; their products anc services. Ifyoo want to recede messages ptease tk* hercO. What Digital Carrera and IPC woiU 8<e to ccntact you by post cr telephone to prcxrote and ask yxxreonon on our magazines and services. Please tick here i you prefer not tohser from u$Q IPC may occasbnaly passycor detals to carc^uly setccaic ergarisatiensso they can ccntact you by telephone cr pos: with regards to promoting anc researching "J>er procucts and services If yc«j prefer not to be contacted, ptease tick here □ IPC wouU fee to emal you with offers from cereMy selected organisations and brancs, prcrrotog and researchrg their products and services. K you want to receive these rressaejes please K* here 1 .

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