CX700 BODY X 700 & Zeiss 16-80mm (X700 & DT18-70mm

CX 900 body

CX 900 & Sony 50mm/f 1 4 DT 6X900 & Zeiss 24-70mm/f2 8

Panasonic LUMIX G1

G1 with 14-45m«i & 45-200mm vwu stocks iasii

Grip Bundle f»™ ...probably the finest Four Thirds DSLR to date. 12.3MP U~HJ resolution, vari-angle LCD with Live View and iS integral Image Stabilisation system - plus suprising _ qq fun and funky 'Art* filter function for XTKf&U.Zfüf your very own on board creative studio! imJ^J^

E-620 with 14-42mm a 40-150mm £649.99

35mm f3.5 Macro £189.98

HLD-1 Power battery holder (or E3/E30 £199.99

IS-70mm DT lens

Uahnel HS/USOVC lattery Grip w* iR Renate amtrd T.inii.ii System 2 Hol da« Sandisk AGS Utrcme IS CF card s*


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