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The slim and striking Cyber-shot range from Sony saw two more additions this month, in the shape of the W180 and W190. The two models offer almost identical specifications except varying sensors - the W180 features a 10.1 MP sensor, while the W190 offers 12.1 MP. Both are available in red, silver and black from £139, and feature SteadyShot image stabilisation, face detection, and 2.7in Clear Photo LCD screens,

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The key to any long exposure is to have a point of interest. One of the most popular, and effective, is the trail of light caused by cars, known as traffic trails. Find a high vantage point of a busy road and let the cars do the work.

If you're shooting in the midst of night, then star trails can be a good addition to your image. Simply indude a decent portion of the sky in your shot set the shutter to bulb, and expose for a fair amount of time to capture the movement of the Earth.

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