Silence In A Crowd

Brian Balster

From: Denver, Colorado f I've been shooting since high school with an old Pentax film camera. I now shoot with a Nikon D40x and a Nikon 18-55mm while in locations across the United States and Europe. This photograph is titled 'Silence in a Crowd' and was a streetscape taken in Amsterdam at 1/160sec @ f/6.3.


Well, it looks like eighties fashion is still alive and kicking in Amsterdam! Brian has used a cinematic crop here, which is quite appropriate since this concentrates the viewer's attention on the people in the street. If you were to take the girl in the foreground out of this photo there wouldn't be a lot going on here, so therefore it was probably a good idea to highlight her with some localised colouring. I would say, though, that the submitted photograph is rather dark and lacks contrast. What I did here was to first of all add a global curves adjustment to lighten the scene. I then added a second curves layer that applied a contrast boost but filled the adjustment layer mask with black to hide this adjustment, and then painted on the mask with white to reveal the adjustment over the model only. A Normal mode contrast boost adjustment would also have boosted the colour saturation, so I set the blend mode in the Layers panel to Luminosity. This applied a contrast boost but without increasing the colour saturation.

left: layers palette I set the blend mode to Luminosity so that the contrast boost would not increase I the saturation.

left: curves I added a second curves layer after adding a global curves adjustment in order to lighten the slightly dark image and tackle the lack of contrast.
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