Reggie Yates

(previous page) This image of the Radiol DJ was shot for Zoo magazine. I retouched the image using a lot of my skills leamt in the old darkroom days what camera? Nikon D3X what lens? Nikkor 24-70mm what exposure? 1/[email protected]/13

grandfather were such that Adam pursued photography through higher education. An Art Foundation at Manchester Polytechnic was followed by a degree in Applied Photography, Film and Television from Harrow College of Higher Education, though it was the experience in the years following education that led Lawrence to his first break in photography.

'Once I'd finished my degree I decided to go travelling for a couple of years. During that time, I took great care in compiling a range of travel images so I had something to show for my time and hopefully a portfolio for a break in the industry. On returning to London,

I presented the portfolio to a friend of mine, who was impressed enough to offer me my first job. I was to shoot production photos of Oliver, directed by the late Anthony Newley, at a fringe theatre. The Kings Head in Islington.'

forming a style

Ever since that first gig in London, Adam hasn't looked back. He's built up an enviable client list including the BBC, MTV, Nestlé, 3 Mobile and Endemol, to name but a few, and a portrait portfolio including some of the

most recognisable faces in popular culture. So how does Adam describe his style? Well, put simply, as 'vibrant, quirky portraiture', a style that, interestingly, corresponds with Adam's favourite subjects.

'I've built up a substantial portfolio that seems to feature a large selection of comedians. I guess I'm drawn to subjects who come across as slightly extrovert or quirky themselves, as this often leads to interesting shoots.'

The preferred subject matter also corresponds with what Adam loves most about the job. 'The variety. Every shoot is different and you get to see and experience some truly incredible things,' he explains. 'One day I could be in the home of a billionaire; another I could spend six hours building a massive set in a studio for a film poster. The two jobs are only split by time working on the computer in my office. Two days rarely offer the same experience.'

(below left) A promo image taken for Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory for Channel 4. We spent most of the day here trying to make liquid look as close to chocolate as possible, and at a reasonable temperature, with the mix including cocoa powder and gravy granules.

what camera?

H2D & P30+ back what lens?

35mm what exposure?

1/[email protected]/22

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