Olympus Mju 8000 Tough

henry law

The buttons on the mju 8000 Tough are small and fiddly, and the mode dial is ill<onceived in its positioning. More often than not I found myself accidentally Changing the settings on the camera while trying to shoot making it incredibly difficult to use.

yvo luna

The touch mechanism of the camera is distracting and more gimmicky than anything, though the LCD screen is impressive.

yvo luna

The fact that the model is streamlined in design and quite lightweight means that it is easy to carry while swimming. I also like the fact that the buttons are really well designed and easy to operate when in the water.

kevin meredith

The buttons really are good and are definitely the best of the models we used on the day. Image quality is poor, however, with the colours really lacking a certain something. However, when you consider how usable the camera is, this is almost a fair compromise.

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