Low-light capability has been one of Nikon's strong points over its recent models and the D5000 doesn't let the side down. Despite a relatively stunted ISO range of 200-3200, the results remain well detailed and free from colour noise, only suffering slightly in terms of warmth. At the expanded Hi-1 setting, equivalent to ISO 6400, noise does start to become more apparent, especially in the shadows, but even so this is still a decent performance.


The level of detail in the images is very impressive even at high magnification. For low light it is possible to raise the ISO comfortably to ISO 800 without any significant loss in detail or sharpness. Combined with the Vibration Reduction motors in the 18-55mm kit lens, this makes shooting handheld easy in all but the darkest environments.

mode. These include more specific modes such as Autumn colours and Pet portrait, plus advance modes such as High and Low key.

If you want to print directly from the camera, avoiding post-processing, or become more creative in-camera, the Retouch menu provides image effects and corrections that can be applied after the shot is taken. These range from D-Lighting to filter effects, and even allow you to process files shot in Raw into JPEGs. In each case the original file is maintained and a second file created on the card.

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