Auto No 3 WSM

23 Scene

FUSM Evf 23



PROS Ergonomics and The P6000is crammed full of features and performs handling, fringing control generally iveil. Images maybe a little overprocessed

CONS Underexposure, noise for some tastes, though they exhibit good colour and and over-processed images fringing is kept to a minimum

25 SO U lffiix 1908 PROS Prompt AF, image 66.9* quality

®8nm CONS Small LCD screen a littlepmey


The best waterproof camera on the market with great image quality and comfortable underwater

While the omission of manual controls is regrettable. HO video, great-looking images and a lovely design all make the 330IS a ciacking compact


SD U 9fe 52< 22mm



SD U 133.4* 25 93fix


99 mm

PROS Versatility, style, performance, build quality CONS High ISO noise

PROS Solid build, image quality LCD screen, fastAF CONS Ineffective gnp.

TheC-Uix3isbeing touted as a stylish and premium quality compact from a manufacturer with heritage, and is priced accordingly

A unique, high-performance compact with HO video and useful high-speed functions. Only noise on higher ISO settings is a concern

There 's little doubt that the U(3 is a serious alternative to the likes of the Canon C9 and Ricoh GX-200, with image quality, handling and operation all being excellent

Simplified version of the EX-F1, with a 40fps burst mode. ZOx optical zoom and a 31 MP sensor


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