Mi 28-140IIIIII Auto

12800* Manual

'ntaai 16Scene


Auto 25-125mm Auto

6400* Pmgram


Auto 28-200mm Auto

100- f/3.3-5.2 lOScene 1600

1600 Manual 14 Scene

Auto 33-132mm Auto Na

6400* 25 Scene 'raiicaj «rtixn

Auto 28-102mm Auto No

3200* Manual

'radical 13Sœne


Auto 35-140HIIII Auto Ute tt- f/2.7-5.6 Easy

1600 Pmgram

14 Scene

Alio 34-174mm Auto No 64- II 3.5-5.6 15Scene 3200*

'aljjal kM>


97.0x 116g 544 x 21.7mm

0 U 93x62* 152g 46 22.6mm


SO U 97.7 x 170g xD 589x

57 23.4mm




U 9)9x S9.5X 199mm


Simplepoint-and-shoot from Sony. witha2.7inLCD screen, Intelligent Scene Recognition and a Smile Shutter function

Analogue dials on ils lop-plate and a 5x optical zoom set the NV9 apart from the crowd

A 29mm wideangle lens. AF tracking and a 5x optical zoom make the FSI5 suited to a variety of situations

Waterproof, freezeproof, and with a new TAP menu system, the mju W50SW certainly impresses with its feature set

PROS locks, build quality, image quality CONS Slow performance, slippery handling

PROS Dynamic range, resolution, results, high ISO CONS Pedestnan design, lack of control

PROS Style, performance, build quality. Mega OIS CONS Price, luglUSO image noise

PROS Design, electronic Iwel display, dynamic range CONS Very little change from predecessor, softimages

PROSComesinarangeof colours, large buttons CONS Slow focusing. Rat images

The P70 looks great, has good build quality and is easy to use, but slow performance lets it down

The Fuji FlOOfd's performance is good, and image quality at the lower end of the ISO range is excellent

The FX37 looks great perforins well and is built to last, but image quality could be better

While the camera is well designed and a pleasure to use. unfortunately there isn 1 enough extra in the RIO to justify its premium over the RS

Images are a little flat and focusing can be slow at times, but the larger buttons make the camera easy to use underwater



The latest model in the Lumix line, with MEGA OIS image stabilisation, a 4x optical zoom and a 2.5in LCD screen

Stylish compact with 4€0.000dot, touchscreen LCD and 28mm wideangle lens. HO-equipped, the model can also record 30fps movies at 720p

One of the latest PowerShot models, witha4x optical zoom, face detection and a VGA movie mode

PROS Image quality, features, value for money CONS Continuous mode, slowAF

Excellent handling and build quality, with great high-ISO images

Alio 34-174mm Auto No 64- II 3.5-5.6 15Scene 3200*

'aljjal kM>


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