Memory Cards

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You may think that a memory card is just a memory card but actually there are a number of factors to consider other than price. Chief among these is read and write speed. If you need fast continuous shooting, especially in Raw, then a faster card is worth the extra cost. Similarly, fast cards will copy images to your computer much more quickly. Professional cards are also designed to withstand greater extremes of temperature, so any planned trips to the Sahara or Lapland may require one of those. Finally, keep an eye out for bargains; memory card prices change on a weekly basis.

choosing storage

Thanks to advances in technology and the rise of the portable media player, the once-humble storage device market has seen a big overhaul in recent years.

What this means is that buying storage no longer boils down to a straightforward choice of capacity and screen size; today's devices are not only capable of keeping your photos safe, many can also play storage listing video files including full-length movies.

More advanced models even offer attachments that enable users to record digital TV. The ability to play MP3 music files is also a bonus - one that can provide a welcome soundtrack to photographers on the move. As ever, a high-quality LCD screen is a must, and in most cases bigger is most definitely better.

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