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Now you can have a professionally designed website for just £35 p.a.

p. Li for FREE

Clikpic is an easy-to-use service for photographers who want a website without the cost and hassle of setting one up

Using our online admin system and a wide choice of stylish template designs createo especially for photographers, you can create and edit your own wob sito quickly, easily and very cost-effectvely.

minima techrical expense required, the system has been designed especla y for non-techroca" people update or change your site whenever you want and as often as you want

• opt lo have your own domain nemo for an extra £6 p a if you o ready have a domain name, you can mk it up to your Clikpe site

• link up to PayPal to sell your pnnts online

Additional features programmabe s ideshow facility

• new customisebe site styles

the digital room

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