Kitsch Bingo Hall

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U Richard Brrttain

From: Lisbon I currently work in Lisbon, Portugal, as a teacher and in my free time I like to take photos. Lisbon has some very interesting buildings and the light is fantastic. I have been taking photos for more than 15 years, mainly for pleasure. I find beauty in everything, especially if it is old and dilapidated. This year I have had a couple of small exhibitions that have been really successful. This photo is of a Bingo hall with a great flashing neon sign. This place makes you want to go inside and check out

the dated furniture and kitsch wallpaper. It was more interesting than the modern Bingo halls we get in the UK. The camera used was a Canon 40D, using a Canon 28-135mm lens.


We only have room to include one selected photo from each reader, which is a shame because I did also quite like one of the other pictures Richard had shot in this sequence of neon signs. Mainly I like the patterns that have been created by the direct sunlight. However, in this example I would like to have seen more of the bingo

above: layers After applying a Curves adjustment layer, I applied a colour correction.

sign, as it looks a little odd when some of the letters have been cropped out. The main thing I noticed with this shot is that it was a little warm, so the first thing I did was to apply a curves adjustment layer where I clicked on the neutral eyedropper in the Curves adjustment panel and clicked on the white wall to apply a colour correction to the image. Rather than apply the desired neutral white balance correction, this ended up turning the photo more blue, but I actually quite liked this result. Next, I created a steep curve shape to boost the contrast, which made the red and blue colours in the sign look more electric.

left: eletric blue Creating a steep curve increased the contrast.

left: eletric blue Creating a steep curve increased the contrast.

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