flüüy) Compact O-SLRwith HO [BUY? J Movies. 12.3 MP. Live View with innovative vari-angle LCD monitor. D-Movie (HD) movie dips with sound. Integrated dust rc"9uctlon system and Active D-Lighting to automatically retain details in highlights and shadow*

latest 15MP model with Live View and HD video mode.

0% prices end 30th low 2009

CANON EOS 500D a is ssmm 5

rrp £969.99 SAVE £210 ____________________________________

CANON EOS 500D & i8-200mm is rrp £1399 99 SAVE £300

PPPPPI Starter uTni'hl Bundle

• Nikon Outfit Holdall

K20D BODY K200D& 18-55mm 43mm f 1.9

Rugged ISMPwith Live View and latest DIGIC 4 processor.

£1149.99 #00 £1469.99 & 16-105mm fWHY 'I Award winfMTMth lots

Nikon D90 a Nikon 18-200mm £1149.99

Nikon D90a.Nikoni6-8smmVR £1089.99

Nikon D90 a Nikon 35mm fi.8 £829.99

Nikon D300 body,*(u«»saví tr. £1799.99 Nikon D700 body £1799.99

EOS 50D with 17 85mm a 70-300mm lenses


rrp £2449.99 SAVE £350______________________________

rrp £3249.99 SAVE £450.________________________________

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