\i||>|\ PLAYERS ¡SSSck in can make a real difference to the way they view - we've probably all seen jumpy motion or nasty pixellation when playing movies on a computer. This can be down to a poor media player not dealing with the file well, or it could be a low-spec machine or power-hungry operating system hogging the CPU's capabilities. To get the best out of your videos it's best to playback using a well-established and effective player: among the most popular is Windows Media Player - Microsoft's own that comes bundled with Windows; Quicktime - Apple's proprietary program which is native to .mov format but has come on in leaps and bounds to deal with multiple formats; and RealPlayer - one of the first players to allow live streaming of video from the Internet. Also consider the VLC Media Player - it's extremely quick to load, doesn't take up much space and runs a huge array of file types, plus lends itself to third-party development for free I given its open source status - it also comes high up the recommendation list.


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