Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Halogen, White Set, manual adjust (2500-10000K), all feature additional manual adjust Auto, Red Eye, Force ChVOff SQ/SDHC, MMC (no video) USB/W Out/digital, component out Li-ion

95 x 57 x 22mm(approx) 145g /16 7g with battery and SD card m,


image quality

Given the FX550's small and therefore overly-megapixel-packed sensor, it's not exactly plain sailing when it comes to image quality. At low ISO sensitivities and in good light the results are excellent - little shadow noise and decent punchy colours. However, shooting in low light becomes a different story - that overly-packed sensor fails to produce crisp images at around the ISO 800-1600 mark; in fact image quality is significantly deteriorated. However, with the camera's flash in tow, the likelihood is that -at least for most of your images - you'll be shooting top snaps.

above Images are very nice in good light at low ISOs

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