PROS Smart styling, ease of use. useful features CONS Noise and noise reduction, a little expensive

PROS Focal range, notse control, Raw capabilities CONS Fringing, price, fixed lens, inaccurate LCD screen

PROS Huge zoom, tiny body, manual controls CONS Mushy images, very slow, too expensive

Great design, a useful feature set and Raw capture are what makes the GRII stand out but noisy images let the camera down. It's also a little pricey, but can reward you if you put the work into its Raw images

The 28-400mm focal range is a huge bonus and you get a lot feature-wise for the asking price. Control over fringing is poor, though, and an entry-level OSLR ultimately offers better value for money

A 30fps burst mode and lOOOfps movie capture make the FSlOa tempting proposition for action photography, or slow motion movie playback

The X70 is impressive in how it manages to squeeze a 24x optica!zoom into a body that's not much bigger than some compacts. However, it's slow, expensive and image quality is distinctly average

One of the latest 24x supetzoom bridge cameras, the P90 also boasts a 3in articulated LCD screen and sensor-based W?

SD U 109.1* 350g PROS Overall image quality. The 610 impresses in its images, and has a super

Till bright and detailed LCD, fast LCD screen to match. Without doubt one of the best

459mm CONS Bulky, poor cmM compacts currently on the market overfrmging

SD U 1133 * 250g PROS Images generally TheOPI is not without its Haws but it has its charms

59.5* good, nice design To the purist it's bound to appeal, with a great build

50.3nm CONS Poor Hash, hard to see quality and usability for the most part but Sigma button markings, expensive needs to look at the flash tor subsequent models

amsfa w&n&wiM*

IvS U 115mm 11 *83mm



PROS Innovative new features, LCD screen, excellent specification CONS No Raw mode. LCD ml van-angle

Good image quality and some excellent, innovative features make the HXI a superb bridge choice

Leica's top-of-the-range compact is able to record images in Raw format and also sports a hotshoe to mount an external flash or viewfinder

SD U 127.7x 671g PROS Ama^ng speed- Built for speed and enormous fun to use, but unless

79j6x stopping abilities, good spec you 'll be using its speed-stopping capabilities a lot cqns Erratic focusing, pokey you may find it very expensive - especially given its

EVF, average images, price sub-par image quality

SD U 113.3X tbc 595x 546mm

Sister model to the existing DPI. with the main difference being with the longer lens, now at 41 mm

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