EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro

IP E4 (lor EOS 10/IDs Mark lili <91.99 IP ES (£OS 4500 / 5000) £44,99

Mini DV Camcorders

DVD Camcorders

0C4I0NEW £319.99

DC411 NEW See Web

0C420 NEW £339.99


Speeeille 770tx Spceolite 270EX WW Seeeollte 430EX II Spnelil. 580EX II Maoollte MR-14E* MT .'-IX MKio Tvnn Flash Speeclite Transmitter1

Remotes Rf-1 (EOS 3000.4000. 4500) RC-5 (EOS 1500. 4000. 4SOO) £19 99 RS-60C) EOS 3500.4000,450D) £24.99 KS80N3I40U. 50.10 III 10s Ul) £44.99 TC-80N3 (500. SO. ID III IDs III) £129.99 Rf 5 Wir.ies* Controller Set £319.99

Waterproof Housings WPX24(KUS90IS) naoco

WX26(IXUS8T0ISI £180.00

WfOC28|PowetSh(itG10l £180.00 WP OC29 (1XU5 95 IS) £215.00

WP3CIU1XUS110ISI £215.00

WPV1 llefria f-170 C^mconlerJSee Web


Jradn 0CC-2C laat"-.' 0CC-60 Laalhc Cíie IIKUS 8D) £19.99 DCC-61 Uuher Caía IIXU^S ISI 19 99 OCC-70 (ialhe. Case IIXIS 800) Í2JOO UCC- /S fita'" Case (1X05870: 11100 DCCJpSoft Case IA' se /A540) £7100 i Soft Cas» (4 inflo IS) £14.99 XC 90 Soft Case (S2#S3I5) £2100 /M40K5I £5.00

DCC 600 Soft Case |G7/ G9) XC7D0 Son rase (»650 ISI (1100 DCC 650 Soft Case (010) £2100

DCC 7505oft Cese ISXII015) £14 99 DCC 800 Soft Cate ISX10 tS| £27.00

For even mora Canon accessories, picase vhlt our store, or vlslt our webslle.

Canon Camcorders

Flash Memory Camcorders rsioodi rsn tcgfia rs?oo Nfw

Legna TWO NEW Lt^na FS21 N€W Legna FS22 NEW

I21J.99* £29959 Í279.99 £349 99 £459.99 £499 99

Canon HG20 Kit

tens listed B unbmed SUP £599.99

SaV° tA° äato " 1UM 13tA 2009 MsJk Pcktfi Cameras 1st year Anniversary

Store over 22 ^otirs ol g'eat-Jooklng 192Oji10BO Full HO movies on the camcorder \ 60GB HOD. FMtfy connect to an HD TV. up«ad ige to the web, or oum movies to DVD or BJu ray disc ur Price £669.00

Canon dw-ioo

The 0W-100 makes <t easy to create DVDs luit connect a ipatible Canon camcorder, ve ect your footage, then burn - n ;h or Standard Definition

High Definition Camcorders

HC21 NEW C799 00

legr a MF S100 NEW £1.099 99 Legra HF S10 NEW £1,199.99 Legr a MF 20 NEW £979 99 Legr a HF 200 NEW £6)9.00

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