Hasselblad H2d

liTETi The Hasselblad H2D has taken the place of my old Mamiya RZ67 in the kitbag. For all of my main work, this is currently my camera of choice. Although the quality of 35mm-based cameras, such as the Nikon D3X, is improving constantly, I still find that there is something about the bigger chip and lenses that make the Hasselblad superior for all kinds of work.


liihlHI For the majority of my shoots I'll chose to combine my Hasselblad H2D with a P30+ digital back. I find that it still has a slight edge on smaller format gear, and shooting tethered with it in the studio is excellent.

¡MO Pair are obviously better suited to group shots, though I use them for conventional portraiture as well. I like the distortion that the lens offers: it has become very much part of my style.

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