Gn 12 Iso 100

145* 108* 73mm

SW 142* SDIC 101* 715mm light, handling, noise control CONShtenii system, limitec &0 range, noisymttror

PROS Fun to use. Very Mle to complain handling, good about. The camera is features, good an absolute joy to use images ~ with great image quality.

CONS Top-plate used with a decent buttons are fiddly. Zeiss lenses makes no live vim It emi better

PROS Build A worthy upgrade, the quality. 6.5tps. 400is well made with

3m LCD screen. some interesting and image detail useful features. When

CONS Handling you consider whal you issues, tow-res Set ,or your money, it 's

LCD screen larlastic value too



PROS Great build. Solid and with much to handling, noise recommend it not least its sensor and handling. It stands its ground wen against its rivals and even has the edge in terms of resolution control CONS Limited burst mode, underexposure. shiggishAF




CONS Slightly cramped viewfinder, underexposure

The fully weattierprooled body Is a real asset and the design and layout makes tt a pleasure to use. Images are great apart from ocassional underexposure issues






SO/ 128* i SDHC 975x 619mm

PROSHigh resolution LCD

Everything about this model feels more refined

Screen. HD Video, and the overall handling

ISO range and performance is close

CONS AF noise to flawless. There is IF ^WwtPjaM

:;kX:es l70 noise in movies, though V>3mGr<]

update to AF. price and a sleep asking price 3&SXMES8

PROS Art Filters. I tun DSLR. vdiose ICO

LCD. great live screen, live view and Art airefess flash Filters make it stand out

CONSNotse. from its peers. Noise is handling small stll a concern, though. ^Vftjtpieital buttons, small and handling can be Wamera

¡Mttet awkward* times

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