Gn 12 Iso 100

147 x 123x 77mm

PROS Noise control. LCD screen, image duality CONSLackot DX mask, minor handling irks

PROS Image quality, LCD, viewfinder. effective SSS CONSNoise. DTIenssuppat

The Dm strikes a tine balance between the Dm and D3 models, with stunning noise control, bulletproof construction and great images aH round

Sony's first tun-frame ottering produces highly detailed images. YieMinUer.LCDand operation all score well, vMh the mam downside bmg noise control

152x 8106



No CF/ 156x 1,155g SD 157* 8Cmm

No CF 159x 12«g 157x 87mm

CF 159* 1240g 157 x 87mm

PROS Excellent Improvements over the image quality. 50 include an expanded noise control. ISO range, larger and video. LCD screen more detailed LCD and

CONS chromatic HO mom recording. ^WhgtL^tal aberrations alof>£ **obNgatory rn^la jump in resolution

The ID Mklll boasts a lOfps drive rate for 110 JPEG frames, a 3in LCD with a usable'live view'mode and an ISO range increase in both directions

PROS Excellent image quality, build, speed, low-light performance CONS Live view on fixed LCD

PROS Incredible resolution, image quality, handling CONSNodust control, no built-in flash

PROSStunning image quality, solid build, low noise. AF speed CONS Low-res LCD. manual focus live view

Fast, accurate AF and some of the best high-ISO performance we've see. A 9fps burst mode. Hve view and fantastic ergonomics make it one of the best models neto ever tested

A stunning camera that pushes the boundaries of DSLR performance. If you want the finest image quality at the highest resolution the D3x is the best camera of its kind


The most expensive DSLR on the market offering superb noise control, a stunning level of detail capture and a top-quality ^WhttDwiyi buM-lot those who can ^dlliCia afford H. f&JIDWJttB

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