Fujifilm Finepix Z33wp

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covering a focal range of 35-105mm in 35 equivalent terms. A 2.7in, 230k dot LCD sits on the back of the camera for capture and playback, while a range of scene modes and auto control take care of exposure. Available in four striking colours - pink, green, blue and black -the Z33WP is one of the most eyecatching waterproof cameras available.

Performance-wise, the Z33WP is a tad slow in focusing and processing, and images are a little flat, with editing required to get the best out of them. However, the great button layout makes using it in the water an absolute breeze.

drop it from too high.

The Z33WP features a 10MP, 1/2.3in CCD sensor, and a 3x optical zoom,

Fujifilm's offering in the waterproof compact class claims to be the world's smallest camera with waterproofing to 3m, so if you're looking for a beach buddy that won't weigh you down, the Z33WP could be for you. Unlike some of its class-companions, though, its 'proofing' ends there, so don't leave it out in the cold or

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