Even better - order any refill pages for £30 or more a Claim Double Album Set FREE* (worth £59.85)

^ Archival All Variable Sizes...One Single Album... TT^ Organiser Choose from over 250 Archival Pocket Refills

Are you aware of the inherent dangers of digital storage? Each day thousands of treasured images are lost forever and many are never printed for future generations to enjoy. Cameras, computers and electronic backup devices are constantly being outdated, lost, stolen or damaged and formats continue to change and become obsolete.

Arrowfile is a unique and traditional Binder Album System. It allows you to break away from the limitations of ordinary albums. Used by museums, its flexibility enables you to place a variety of specifically designed loose leaf refill pages into ONE SINGLE album. Arrowfile Archival pocket sleeve refill pages are ACID-FREE with varying sized slip-in pockets, designed to protect your photographs for years to come. They come in various different formats to protect, organise & display your precious memories. Easy to Organise, Use and Maintain, Arrowfile suits all your needs - Past, Present and Future!

Start your collection today and claim a FRF.F. Leather Album, worth £19.95, when you order £15 or more of Arrowfile refill pages. Even better order Arrowfile refill pages worth £30 or more and claim a superb Double Album Set including Two Albums and a matching slipcase, worth £59.85 absolutely FREE!

U I crclose a cheque payable to Arrowfile 'or L

OR please debit my □ w Mastercard □ ¡E Visa □ 25 Maestro

Expiry dale I I I I I Maestro issue nu I | 1


Send to: ArrowfSe, PO Box 7, Wetherby, LS23 7EP

Gainsiorou«m Dousie Album Set*

For the 'Real' Photographer

Protect & Organise your precious moments before it's too late!

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□ F605 Burgundy OR □ F600 liown leather Album IWxih (IMS) My order Ii ovor €30, and I doli» • FRÍE Goiniborough Double Album Sal:

□ KDF60S Burgundy OR □ KDF600 Brown Double Album Set

(Want EJUS)



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Don't just take our word for it...

"/ realised the significance of safeguarding my family photos when my computer crashed and I lost them all..." Mr Federick

"Thank you - At last an album that allows me to organise all photo sizes and CDs In one single Album." Mr Sloaner

"1 can print various sizes and still continue my collection with the same matching album set" Ms Linken

"Now / have loads offree shelf space thanks to Arrowfile" Mr Patel

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Memo titics inserts optional Please ask the operator for details.



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