None of the four cameras here produces images that are particularly remarkable, though some are clearly better than others. The fact that only one camera has a limited Raw mode also makes it harder to ascertain just how much processing the others are putting in to get images to the level they are. It should be noted that similar cameras with Raw functionality exist, so if you're willing to trade off some of that zoom you may well find a more suitable model elsewhere.

If however, pixel peeping isn't your thing, and you're likely to only ever print your images small (if at all), then the benefit of having such an encompassing zoom lens can't be argued with. The Olympus SP-590 UZ has some nice features and a good build quality, but it fails in the most critical area of image quality. And while the Z980's may feature a tempting specification list which offers features not found on the other cameras, there are a number of reasons as to why it should be avoided even before its abysmal image quality is taken into consideration.

This leaves the Pentax X70 and Nikon P90. At times images are comparable between the two, but the P90 manages to better it in many more areas than one, particularly ___

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