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Pair of Velcro Lathing Straps local fo» läst ig oxtia ecuipme-t to your bag

■ Perfect for " .Trpoda £ »Manopod» (J «Camping ÛMr j

•Many more apptcat«rs SlovM h PAIRS

•Many more apptcat«rs SlovM h PAIRS

Monopod Hiking Stick ' Walking Stick

Low Self Discharge (LSD) NiMH Rechargeable batteries

Pre-Charged ■ Ready for use mi'wku«»»»» Very low self discharge

Ready when you need them most!

Don't get caught with flat batteries

X8i intelligent Charger for up to 8 Batteries

Intelligent Charger lor 2 - 8 AA or AAA baltenes with each POD holding 4 batteries and acting as a convenient battery holder. Includes 2 x AA S 2 x AM High Capacity Ennrgizer Batteries

Camera and Camcorder Battery Charger

MlVim^^^^ Small and Light

World-Wide power supply

Camera And Camcorder Batteries and Chargers In Stock for just about every Camera and Camcorder.

Save up to 50% comparoo to the coal ol the monulacturer's original, wnhoul having to compromise on quality

AH maifetaduiod by Enefgimr otlorng gtoal quaMy ot a tracHon ol :he prce oI me iramixtuiers ongjnal ard Me caty most n slock loady toi Mma day ktupp-iig"

Why buy an unbranded battery when you can buy an Energlzer?

Pack of 2 batteries E^.99 Gf^ Pack of 4 battenes £7 16 Pack of 8 battenes £12.80 Pack of 24 battenes £35.88

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