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Just because a camera is big on performance, doesn't mean it has to be big in size. The new Lumix G1 is the first of a new generation of cameras, with compact interchangeable lenses, that puts enormous photographic power in the palm of your hand.

With Intelligent Auto allowing you to effortlessly capture those spontaneous moments and lenses that are up to 55%* lighter than those of a conventional D-SLR, the G1 is light and small enough to carry anywhere, yet powerful enough to deliver stunning pictures. Which is why it's won the prestigious Amateur Photographer Technical Innovation of the Year award. Because capturing your creativity matters. 0844 8« 3852


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camera. I wasn't impressed - the sound quality was terrible.

WE SAY We're covering video quite a bit lately because it's topical, with most of the recent DSLR launches featuring a video option. However, our poll this month is about video, so we'll find out just how interested people are in it.


Sue Marshall

I've been searching for a Panasonic LX3 for the best part of five days, without any luck whatsoever! Yellow pages? No. Local shops? No. Internet searches? No! Several websites were willing to accept my order, often well above your quoted price of £300, but when asked for a delivery date, admitted they're out of stock. Best cameras. were honest in telling me that they had a waiting list of 40 souls, and they weren't taking any cash from accounts until they had

Terrance Gilbert

These days it seems that every week there's another update: firmware updates for my camera, virus updates for my PC, and Raw updates for my editing software. Hours, if not days, of my precious free time are taken up with the process, but as if that's not enough, I now need to buy the newer version of the software, as my old version is no longer supported. It's a rather cunning trick to get us all to spend more money, if you ask me. Why can't they just get it right the first time? ——


There are two sides to euerv debate


Alan Smith

The internet may have disadvantages, such as spam mail and viruses, butthafs not the whole story. In the old days, if you wanted improvements to a product you'd bought, you had to buy a new one. Now, updates can be downloaded in your own home, unlocking new features, fine-tuning existing ones - and usually for no extra cost. If you don't want to upgrade you can ignore the updates, but by doing so you are not making the best of what you've got.


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some in stock. I am losing hope. The reason I've been given time and time again for this shortage is that Panasonic UK cannot keep up with the demand for it, caused by the fact that the LX3 received such great reviews from yourself and others. Can you help?

WE SAY The LX3 is a deservedly popular camera. At the time of writing, John Lewis and Pixmania both held stock, though whether that's the case now we can't say.

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