All three of these pro-spec lenses have street prices between 1,000 and 1,300, and all boast a very high level of build and image quality. Sony's Carl Zeiss lens is the best looking and is also the most compact while Canon's lens is a solid performer with an excellent pedigree and reputation that only years in the field can secure. Nikon's lens suffers from its greater barrel length but it is also the fastest to focus and delivers the best MTF results. None of these lenses has any serious...


LIKES The things that impressed us most on test DISLIKES and the things we didn't like so much FEATURES What does it offer for the money DESIGN Is it good to hold and easy to use PERFORMANCE How well do the features work IMAGE QUALITY Are the final results any good VALUE All of the above considered against the price FINAL SCORE The sum total of all the scores Awarded to products Awarded to products scoring scoring 90 and above between 85 and 89


It provides r j 9 an even H concentration B H of light around -V-the lens, helping to eliminate shadows. Similar to ft ringflashes in B H their suitability H for macro H I H work, but these feature be supplemented with additional flashes. Generally offering more power than hotshoe-

New Leica Mount Accessories

Panasonic has announced two new mount adaptors for its G series - including the hotly anticipated GH1 and current G1 model-to further enhance users' experience now with the ability to attach Leica M or R fit lenses. The M Mount Adaptor DMW-MA2M and R Mount Adaptor DMW-MA3R deal with the two lens types respectively. These adaptors also allow users to use the movable MF assist function, which enlarges the selected area when focusing manually.


52mm Circular Polarning 52mm SHMC Pro 1-0 UV 52mm HO Digital Circular Pol. 52mm HO Digital uv (0) 55mm UV 55mm Circular Polarizing 55mm SHMC Pro 1-0 UV 55mm HD Oigral UV (0) 55mm HD Digital Circular Pol. 58mm UV 58mm Circular Polarizing 58mm SHMC Pro 1-0 UV 58mm HO Digital UV (0) 58mm HO Digital Pl-CIR 62mm UV 62mm Circular Polariting 62mm SHMC Pro 1-0 UV 12.60 31.77 30.87 78.03 35.46 14.04 35.19 32.94 37.53 85.14 16.29 40.59 35.19 40.S9 87.12 21.06 53.73 39.51 62mm HO Digital uv (0) 62mm HO...

Gn 12 Iso 100

LCD screen, image duality CONSLackot DX mask, minor handling irks PROS Image quality, LCD, viewfinder. effective SSS CONSNoise. DTIenssuppat The Dm strikes a tine balance between the Dm and D3 models, with stunning noise control, bulletproof construction and great images aH round Sony's first tun-frame ottering produces highly detailed images. YieMinUer.LCDand operation all score well, vMh the mam downside bmg noise control No CF 150* 1205g W 160* sdhc 80i n PROS Excellent...


The Sigma DP 1 is a high end point and shoot digital camera equipped with a 14 megapixel large size direct image sensor The Sigma DP 1 is a high end point and shoot digital camera equipped with a 14 megapixel large size direct image sensor CAMCORDERS Visit for our complete range

Body Only

D5000 Body + FREE BAG A SD CARD 719 or 30mth D5000 plus 18-55mm lens + FREE BAG A SD CARD 749 or 32mm D5000 plus 18.105mm lens * FREE BAG S SD CARD 899 , -f37 Each Pro-Ordered DSOOO from Warehouse Expreee wM . FREE Bfla end BGB C o with their shipped order, subfect lo stock availably We have the right to change the FREE products to Item of similar specification and value should Stock become unavailable Your statutory rights remain unaffected Designed by Nikon to be suitable for studio...


We had to get a studio large enough to hold a stretch limo, and had a ringflash as the main light source. Despite the increasing amount of technology used in his everyday workflow, Adam's top piece of advice to those looking to get into the industry is relatively simple. other, so it was very easy EXposuRE, to get a lot of good shots 1 250sec f 16 in a short space of time.

First Look

WE TAKE AN EXCLUSIVE HANDS-ON LOOK AT SONY'S LATEST TRIO OF DIGITAL SLR MODELS, THE A230, A330, AND A380 After a dearth of releases at this year's big photo shows, the past few months has seen an explosion of new digital SLRs into the market. This month Sony has launched three the A230 and A380 are upgrades on the existing A200 and A350 models, while the A330 will be an exclusive model sold through Jessops stores. The A230 sits at the budget end of the market and is designed to be both light...

Dslr Bonanza

This has turned out to be a big month for digital SLRs. First, Sony has finally broken away from the design heritage it acquired with the purchase of Konica Minolta. The new Alphas are different from any other DSLRs, including other Alphas. They look more slick, more modern, more .well, Sony. If you covered the badge you'd still guess the brand. Whether this is a good thing will depend on your tastes and, possibly, your age. The lack of external buttons may bother some users, but will...

H0wt0 Contribute

The best images sent to us each month will be published in WDC or on our website gallery and may even win a prize BY EMAIL Email up to five JPEG images to wdcgallery Mimimum size 1800x1200 pixels. This equates to approx 6x4 (15cmx1 Ocm) at 300ppi, or a file size of around 6MB when OPEN. (Remember JPEGs are smaller when not open). Maximum size 3000x2000 pixels, which is around 10x7 (25xt 7cm) at 300ppi - an OPEN file size of 17MB. Do not attach too many images to a single email. Try...


Hf.lilMil WIRELESS FILE TRANSMITTER a PORTABLE STORAGE Compatible w EOS IDs Mk II. EOS-ID Mark II. EOS and the EOS 5D Transfer images directly from camera thru wireless or Ethernet-based LAN system to an FTP server Features a large ultra-bright 3 7 TFT screen with 160 viewing angle for image and video

Pentax Digital

MEDIA CARD. SAMSONITE CASE AND MINI TRIPOD K M Penlax 18 55 lenses 359.99 IK-M Pentax 18-55 50-200 . 529. rtax 18-55 ens LOTS MORE KITS ONLINE CARD. SAMSONITE CASE AND MINI TRIPOD RuJCLUDEI YEAR'WA TYMEDIA Fuji Finepix J250W Fuji Finepix Z30 . Fuji Finepix Z33WP . Fini Finepix F200XR Full Finepix S100IS . Full Finepix SI 500IO Fuji Finepix S2000HD El 59 99 154.99 S164 93 C274 99 379 99 189.99 199 99

Keeping You In The Picture

V, f m Resistant to water, shock, dust 8t cold 12.1 million pixels 3 x Optical Zoom with IS 2.5 LCD Screen Motion Detection Technology Purchase a spare Capn NB-6L batt for only 29.99 tien bought with the 010. quoting What OC For some really great offers, see the clearance section on our website Samsung Digital Cameras gaalllh w - ES10 Silver Black Pink Whit 59.99 ' J ESlSS rM WMt. .,0.2 mill, on pixels ES55 SH-r .1- Pink Gm 99.99 . o tkil p,cture s WuMtl L PIM 9.99 pl10 Slhmr Bljdt Pink Red...

Roots Safari Dslr System Backpack

Brand new range of camera lifestyle bag from Canada. Jt Khakscarvasardsuidf WNIwprcof torn gt taws 1 -3 Miffs 4 4-5 ens Lots c pockcis I Contemporr. stylish design ISH t I.S.Ivtto'BlacJi V Single or dojWc l-amcss Ah WHY 1 Natural canvS style sma I. BUY J with lots of pockets. D-SlR2lensei Small D-SLR with lens amp personal amp amp personal 2 3 lenses ft personal items 79.99 s lt Large NEW 109.99 personal Items Medium ____ Holds ProDSLRwtnProZoom.2.3morelenses, Flash.upto 17 Laptop plus - qq...

Casio Digital Compacts

ALL INCLUDE 3 YEAR WARRANTY, MEDIA ,. _ CARD. SAMSONITE CASE AND MINI TRIPOD 'tSrm 13 5 5 6 ,V,8J 3 S ALL INCLUDE 2 YEAR WARRANTY, MEDIA CARD. CAMERA CASE AND MINI TRIPOD Panasonic Lumlx 0MC-FS6 129.99 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7 154.99 Panasonic Lumlx DMC-FS15 . 179.99 Panasonic Lumlx DMC-ES20 179.99 Panasonic Lumlx DMC-FS25 199.99 Panasonic Lumlx DMC-FX40 E229.99 Panasonic lumlx DMC-EX550 259.99 Panasonic Lumlx DMC-FT1 289.9 Panasonic Lumlx DMC TZ6 239.99 I Panasonic Lumlx 0MC-TZ7 299.99...


Digital Flashgun for Canon Nikon Sony SAVE 10 WHEN BOUGHT WITH ANY COMPATIBLE FLASH GUN Jessops TTl Cable Normally 34 Canon 1020705 Nikon 1020706 Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Flash gun 5139930 329 Canon Speedlite580 X Mil Flash gun 5117541 399 when bought with any tripod. Normally 15

Words Nigel Atherton

Igpoty Scotland

lt Look for graphic shapes and patterns Nature is filled with shapes and patterns, if you look for them, but there is a skill to making these the subject of your picture. Isolate patterns by focusing on them and excluding all else from the frame, as Sarah-Fiona Helme has done here. Telephoto lenses help emphasise pattern by flattening perspective. Summer stripes. Kingfisher Cottage, Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire Canon EOS 40D, 180mm macro lens, f 4.5 'I was drawn by the bright, bold colours...

Lac1e Portable Hard Drive

J gt r i B For security and peace of mind, I back all my images up on two hard drives whenever I shoot. lijfr'ilil Throughout my time using Nikon bodies, this 24-70mm f 2.8 lens has been the mainstay thanks to its maximum aperture and flexible focal range. 1 do a lot of work for TV shows where this lens comes in handy. It allows me to get close to the subject without intruding, affording me shooting opportunities that I wouldn't have if I'd been using another lens.

Reggie Yates

previous page This image of the Radiol DJ was shot for Zoo magazine. I retouched the image using a lot of my skills leamt in the old darkroom days what camera Nikon D3X what lens Nikkor 24-70mm what exposure 1 250sec f 13 grandfather were such that Adam pursued photography through higher education. An Art Foundation at Manchester Polytechnic was followed by a degree in Applied Photography, Film and Television from Harrow College of Higher Education, though it was the experience in the years...

Liz O Baylen Shoots The World With A Sigma Lens

An unusual scene captured by a Sigma lens - croquet in New York's Central Park This photograph was captured by a Sigma lens, a large aperture standard zoom lens optimised for full-frame digital SLR cameras. Benefiting from the latest optical design, a compact body length of only 94.7mm is achieved. Extra Low Dispersion ELD , Special Low Dispersion SLD glass elements and an aspherical lens compensate for colour aberrations and ensure high image quality. The Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces...

Trevor Burton Via Email

Choose one from a reputable manufacturer and don't underestimate how much space you are likely to need in the future you can buy 1TB drives for as little as 70 now, which should give you plenty of room for not just images, but music, videos and any other documents. I wouldn't recommend backing up to CDs for the simple reason that you can only fit 700MB of data onto each one. A far better idea is to use either DVD or Blu-Ray discs, which respectively fit 4.5GB and 25GB of data on a single side...