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Send coupon to: UK ONLY: IPC Media Ltd.. FREEPOST SEA 4394, Haywards Heath. WEST SUSSEX. RH16 3BR (No stamp needed) OVERSEAS ONLY: IPC Media Ltd.. PO Box 272. Haywards Heath. WEST SUSSEX. RH16 3FS. UK (Affix coned postage) r 6 monthly Direct Debit. UKjOnly - Pay only £35.85 every 6

months saving 40% oft the full price of £59.80 r 2 year subscription (102 issues)l See price and country details above [ i 1 year subscription (51 issues). J and complete details beta».

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llyju iwuU l<Cc rtettit eifuh tum IPCirriAmrfojr P tfopd&tr wiüivig ws s&ca ute-s. irodjct at1 lev« ntortmlbiíftí. -jxdaaidy. '¿it pjrl h ojr migtíír»: reifcáirfi áj e-al pfeue hrtj* yo^wrulUîb».



Post/Zipcode: State/Country:

Home Tel No: one couniry& area code)

Wo* you IPC oy3/>-Hbj Ptroswe- io*¡r*v¡ r»?*3 ï^ciaicre's, [«Ox»

áH leuvt nfcnrviloidrc Mi« patinar tíenaxh? t y«. fiejie rKüde fujrrr^te p-icr»; njrber fuit

Year of Birth:


Please ateo fill out Your Derails opposite. To give more than one subscription, please supply address details on a separate sheet. Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss: Forename:



Post/Zipcode: State/Country:

If the person you re txwrg this stixsenptior Ick is under 18. please add th&r year ot birth betow: Year of Birth: !


1. I enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to IPC Media Ltd., for the amount of £/$/€

from my: r Visa F MasterCard TAmex T Maestro Card No: (Maestroon*)

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3. Pay only £35.85 every 6 months by Direct Debit (UK only)

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For office use only. Originator's reference - 764 221

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Please pay IPC Media Ltd. Direct Debits from the account detailed on this instruction subject to the safeguards assured by the Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand that this instruction may remain with IPC Media Ltd and if so. details will be passed electronically to my Bank or Building Society.


nover 18


Signature: (I am over 18)

Offer open lo new subscribers only. Final dos*ig date for at orders ts 1st February 2009. Orders received before tt-e 9th December 2006 will begin with a January 2009 issue. Orders received after Sth December 2008 will start with the frst available issue. All prices are decoumed from the ful subscription rate advertised in each titte. include P&P and are correct at time of going to press. Creditfdebit card charges wi be taken in sterling The 6-morithly offer is onty available in the UK by Direct Debit. If the magazine ordered changes frequency per arrum. we wfl honour the number of issues paid for. rot the term of the subscription. For enquiries call: -»-14 |0)84S 123 1231. or emal: jxsubs^ Amateur Photographer. published by IPC fWedw Ltd (IPC), will oolect your personal information to process your order. Amateur Photographer and IPC would like to contact you by post or ielep»>one to promote and ask yrx* opinion on our iregazmes and services. Please tick here It you prefer rot to hear from us -. IPC would »ke to emarf you wim offers from carefuty selected organisations and brands, promoting and researching their products and services if you want to receive these messages please tick here . The Prize Draw: The p«>ze w* be a week s accommodation tor two people sharing a room on a room only basis. The resort will be the tour star Amaryllis Beach Resort, in Barbados. Tick here to enter prize draw onty A full list of prize draw terms and concStions is available on request from the address above or at wivw magazincsdiroct,com.tompc1it)ontcrms Entrants must be wcr 18 No purchase neccssary


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