I can't pay back the small handful of people who taught me most, but I can follow their example and teach others as well as I can. This book is my effort to do just that.

These are those people: Ruth Reavis, who expected me to work harder; Geneva Highfill and Wanda Walton, who taught the language; Betty Welch, who taught the mathematics; and Ross Scroggs, Sr., who taught me about photography and about the difference between humans and apes. Since then, I've tried my best to become a human.

Whatever errors I've made in this book reflect my own slop-piness and none of their teaching.

Without these people, this book wouldn't exist. Still, my most heartfelt thanks must go to wonderful Robin. Without her, I might no longer exist.

Fil Hunter

I would like to thank Tiffany Puhy, Mike Jones, Howard Connelly, Jeff Wolff, and Claude Lévêque for allowing me to photograph his installation art for the cover. I would also like to thank my wonderful family for all their support and contribution to this book.

Steven Biver

With gratitude and undying admiration for Robert Yarbrough, a teacher who taught.

Paul Fuqua

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