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At the heart of the image »

At the heart of the image »


Memories Made Easy

The 8MP L18 sports a 3x Zoom-NIKKOR lens for creative compositional freedom a huge and bright 3" LCD screen (or sharing images, an<3 Anti-shake AE (or images with outstanding clarity It is equipped with an Easy Auto Mode Face-priority AF and numerous other features altowng the user to enjoy carefree shooting vwthout having to ad|ust any settings or controls

Nikon. Inc limited warranty included 2008 Nikon inc

Stunning Photography Is Just a Step Away

' The ccmpad 10.2-MPD60 deltas twahtafcng picture qjjliy rrt ne versaiie v.r<ilng cf a D-SIR, is ncredtf/ ccmpadeaiyaodfjitoLse Hfeatjes fast startup ar»d splt-seccnd tatter response Hi tan's Aclve OjsI ReducSoi System adfaatos aAmaitaly, afong mk Arte* Cental I techmcgy to relce Ihe c( dusl thai reaches Ite senscr

Nikon. Inc. rirmted warranty included 2008 Nikon Inc.

coolpix. P80

Close Encounters

The 10 megapixel P8CTs incredibte 18x Zoom-NIKKOR lens covers focal lengths from 27-486mm (35mm (ormat equivalent) To ensure steady shots ishile utilizing the zoom capab*ties. the COOLPIX P80 is equpped with Optical Vibration Reduction (VR). A light sensitivity range up to ISO 6400 and numerous mode dials will satisfy the needs of camera enthusiasts everywhere Nikon. Inc. imited warranty included 2038 Nikon Inc coolpix. S610c

Incredible digital - Unwired

In addikm to in movaive Wi-Fi sharrg feature, ne Ccdpn S610c boasts 10 megapirds, a 36* Zocm-NIKKOR wde-angla glass lens, and a 3' LCD sc-eer. TVe SS1& features an Optcal Vtratcn Reaction (VR) Irrege StaDteOcr system and 60 tp to 32CO enharcrg the carrera s kmMtghl performance A leacer n soeed, the COOLPIX S61 Oc sta-ts<p n 0.7 seconds, a cass teadng sC*t<p tme Nwon. Ix Imted warranty ¡ncUdsd 2MB Niton he.

i 90

Digital SLR

Engineered for Artistry, Unleash your Potential

Tie D90i;e wortfs 1rsl dglal SLR canera mh a mwe SMing tuncton del vers genumeiy Qnemalc results, erfianced ay the creaky shale« a fe*d mate wssfcie by ihe DX-fan-i sensor Trts is furher renned by he03tca qjslifr and trod seeden o* NIKK0R tenses - the same tenses reied own v, profess coal ptotoj-apners Ihe *xxld ow Nikon. Inc Irrrtec waranty ixixed 2008 Nter rc

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