Highlight And Shadow

Image 47 was shot in Orange County, California, with a Nikon D100 fitted with a 35-70mm Nikon lens. The image was captured in color and was converted to black & white in Photoshop. I requested that Anna Marie sit on the wooden steps and look out toward the ocean, and she developed the pose. Everything about this pose works to strengthen the portrait. There is an inverted triangle shape from her shoulder through her expertly posed hands, and another triangle is apparent from her waist to her pointed toes. By pointing her toes, Anna Marie created space between her thighs and the steps, thereby creating a slimmer, better-toned view of her lovely long legs.

The main light source in the image was the western sun, and I added a little flash in order to fill in shadows and add catchlights—and a little bit of sparkle—in Anna Marie's eyes.

I love the leading lines formed by the steps as they trail behind Anna Marie. The rough-hewn appearance of the steps add an interesting textural element to the image that is supported by the rich texture of the greenery. The varying heights of the brush also creates a soft, undulating line in the image that readily appeals to viewers. Note, too, that the lighter tones in the image appear on the model herself, and the image tones grow darker in the upper third of the image. Because a viewer's eye is drawn first to the lightest tones in an image, the visual importance of the model is accented.

Anna Marie was named Playboy's 40th Anniversary Playmate.

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