GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It's a freely distributed ("open source") program, which means that unlike commercial software, The GIMP is under continual development by a group of volunteers and enthusiasts around the world. The GIMP is meant for doing things like photo retouching, digital painting, and image composition and editing. "I've found everything I was looking for in The Gimp," says artist Pat Thompson. "I'm astounded by all the color-manipulation tools and options. It has layers, color management including Lab color, an optional animation module, and several tool options I'd never heard of before."

The GIMP is expandable and designed to be augmented with plug-ins and extensions. It's written and developed on the UNIX platform, although it also runs on Windows and Mac (OSX only). To use The GIMP, you'll need only enough computer expertise to download it and follow simple directions. For printing, Windows users activate the normal printer drivers, and Mac users can print through the related but independent Gimp-Print printing package.

Pat Thompson's Archetype Listening to the Dark being edited with The GIMP Courtesy of Pat Thompson mmtt: * L j

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