Replacement Cartridges

Non-OEM replacement cartridges come in rebranded, OEM-compatible cartridges from ink dealers and makers (including MediaStreet,, Inkjet Goodies, InkjetMall, Luminos, MIS, Pantone, and Lyson) for most of the popular inkjet printers in use today. The cartridges are either new or recycled, filled with non-OEM inks, and usually less expensive than the real deal. (You can also buy factory-original OEM cartridges from several of these and other suppliers.)

The key issues to consider are: match (How close are they in terms of quality to the OEM inks they're replacing? Are they made to OEM specifications?), compatibility (Are they 100-percent compatible with your inkjet printer, and is there a guarantee backing this up?), and age (How old is the ink?).

Non-OEM replacement carts come in different shapes and sizes. Shown are ink carts from Lyson, Media Street, and MIS Associates.

You can also buy virgin, empty cartridges for do-it-yourself filling with the inks of your choice from some ink suppliers like MediaStreet, Inkjet Goodies, and MIS.

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